A celebration for singular people of all kinds, Theater for One and Absolutely One Wretchedly Singular Person asks whether live performance can ever satisfy our thirst for true connection.


REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA
March, 2014.

Directed by Deena Selenow.
Performed by Emma Zakes Green

Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA
February 2014
Directed by Deena Selenow
Performed by Emma Zakes Green


"After a brief intermission during which a “mandatory survey” was passed around in little wicker baskets, we returned to our seats for playwright Rachel Kauder Nalebuff’s Theater for One and Absolutely One Wretchedly Singular Person. In a white body suit, the performer, Emma Zakes Green, addressed the audience on the outcome of their surveys, engaging us in a humorous shaming of the “lucky” ones who came with a date that night. She invited any “wretchedly singular persons” onto the stage which was strewn with plush pillows for “VIP” seating. She then dedicated the rest of the performance to celebrating their honored “wretched singularity” with dry wit and self-deprecating humor. This piece felt the most theatrical, and at the same time the most audience-engaging and friendly. I laughed. A lot."—REDCAT Winter Studio Review, Another Righteous Transfer