I’m joined by choreographer Rachel Bernsen and composer Taylor Ho Bynum to create I Know You So Well: a Sound and Movement Choir for People Who Work in Healthcare

Loosely adapted from Plato’s symposium, I Know You So Well examines the fracture of an industry or place. Our first iteration, commissioned by Artspace New Haven, focuses on healthcare. The project aims to bring people together who likely never connect in their professional lives to think holistically about what it means to heal and to discover what we can learn from each other’s isolated practices. The performance, through song forms, text and choreography, will explore the intersection of physical, civic, and spiritual health.

Our choir includes: a nurse practitioner, a birth doula, a biomedical research scientist & death doula, the former director of CT Hospice, the director of the therapeutic arts program at the Yale New Haven Children's hospital, an OGBYN, a physical therapist, the director of the Hispanic Clinic at the Yale School of Nursing, a medicaid billing specialist, and a home-caregiver for her elderly family.

The work will be performed on Yale’s West Campus in West Haven, adjacent to the Yale School of Nursing and the site of a former pharmaceutical company.


Friday, October 26, 4 PM, FREE
Saturday, October 27, 4 PM, FREE
Sunday, October 28, 4pm, FREE
Alternative Space at Yale West Campus

I Know You So Well is an Artspace commissioned project for Wellbeing: City Wide Open Studios 2018. This project is supported, in part, by the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.