Available from  Amazon

Available from Amazon

Hachette Book Group, February 2009
Second printing in 2011, translated in Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese.

My first book project: an anthology of people's first period stories from around the world. 

"Seldom can a book stretch to accommodate both its author's and its publisher's fondest hopes: that it be original yet universal, artistic yet practical, and likely to sell briskly for centuries to come... It is hard to imagine any woman, from the most straitlaced and body-denying to the most uninhibited and body-embracing, who will not read right through it with pure enjoyment."—The New York Times

"Some girls dread their periods, some girls crave them, some girls think they're not normal until they get their periods, and some fear they're abnormal when they do get them. MY LITTLE RED BOOK takes a little of that mystery away, replacing it with humor and information - not just about tampons, but also about how girls in Kenya, New Zealand, Brooklyn, and Oklahoma reacted to their first visit from Aunt Flo. The book would make a good addition to a first-period kit."—Jezebel.com

"Silence about the healthiest of things can make them seem shameful. My Little Red Book turns shame into celebration"—Gloria Steinem

Find the book on Amazon and in the awkward section of bookstores dedicated to puberty!