PERFORMANCES September 23–27, 2017
Grazer Kunstverein, Austria
Presented through the Steirischer Herbst 2017 Festival
Installation and texts which museum goers can activate will remain on view at the Grazer Kunstverein September 23—October 31, 2017

The Seed Eaters is a project by Emily Mast that I have written the language for. It is a series of sculptural sets, accompanied by scripts and actions that any three people—so long as they are different from one another—can perform

The piece is a meditation on endings
Aside from apocalyptic thinking, what other ways are there of thinking about The End? 
In this performance, language, objects, and the personalities of the performers have equal value
The meaning of the piece and of endings changes greatly depending on who is performing which role

Machine Project, Los Angeles, April 2017
Workshop presentation
With Luke Johnson, Garrett Hallman and Zoe Kauder Nalebuff