Several months ago, Emily Mast asked me if I would like to write the texts for her non-hierarchical theatrical performance project
The result is The Seed Eaters: a series of sculptural sets, accompanied by scripts  and actions that anyone can perform

Each station/vignette presents an unexpected take on the idea of The End, the meaning of which changes depending on who is performing
Aside from apocalyptic thinking, what other ways are there of thinking about The End?
In what ways do we live with endings already in our own daily lives? 

Premiering at the Steirischer Herbst Festival, 2017
On view at the Grazer Kunstverein as a script/installation to activate by museum goers, Graz Austria September, September—October 2017

Workshop presentation, Machine Project, Los Angeles, April 2017
Featuring Luke Johnson, Garrett Hallman and Zoe Kauder Nalebuff

(This project is still in progress)