The Bumps is a play about grappling with an unknown future, made for a cast of pregnant performers. The piece follows the story of three pregnant women, first in a waiting room in the 80's and then, a generation later, in an underwater aerobics class. Interwoven throughout the play in atmospheric interludes, actors reflect on their present experiences. 

The play calls for one actor in each trimester and is designed to be performed for a 9-month run. In an extended run, one actor performs three roles, graduating from the first role to the second to the third, before graduating from the piece altogether, creating room with each shift for new performers to enter the process. By featuring an ongoing cycle of performers, The Bumps celebrates the ephemeral nature of theater and creates a small economy for pregnant performers for the duration of the run. For each performance of The Bumps, the cast is paid and child-care is provided for the cast as well as the audience. 

The Bumps has been developed collaboratively with director Deena Selenow and cast members Emily Alpren, Sarena Kennedy, Jennie Page, Sara Garcia, Deana Barone, Cristina Fernandez and Jeanne Syquia. Following a 2017 residency at the Skirball Cultural Center, Jennie Liu (Movement), Lena Sands (Costume), Shannon Scrofano (Environment), and Celia Hollander (Sound) have joined the project to explore what it means to build theatre production around our actual lives and bodies. Together, we are investigating how, by reimagining a production model for a pregnant cast, we improve the production process for all of us.

Behind the scenes from the BBC Four documentary: In Search of Utopia (Dir Russell Barnes, 2017)
Director: Deena Selenow
Performers: Jennie Liu and Jeanne Syquia
Sound: Celia Hollander
Movement: Jennie Liu
Environment design: Shannon Scrofano
Costumes: Lena Sands

+REFLECTION and conversation with Julia Felsenthal (culture critic for 
+FEATURED AS A PART THE BBC DOCUMENTARY UTOPIA: IN SEARCH OF THE DREAM from the BBC's art channel about the history of utopian thinking in art
+Selected by the National Performance Network for a Performance Residency at the Skirball Cultural Center
+Nominated to the Kilroys 2016 Honorable Mention List
+REFLECTION FOR RITING.LA by Gina Young and Zoe Aja Moore
+INTERVIEW for the Feminist Crush Podcast with Kitty Lindsay
+You can read my essay on why I wrote the play and how the process has evolved here.
+The Bumps on Facebook


PRELUDE 2017, New York, NY
October 6, 2017
Directed by Deena Selenow
Performed by Ying Ying Li, Jessica Luck, Elise Peterson and Wil Petre
Free and free childcare provided during the performance
Watch the footage from PRELUDE, which includes my artist talk + ACT I here 

Benefit reading organized by the cast to support Planned Parenthood, Brooklyn, NY
August 14th & 15th, 2017
Directed by Deena Selenow
Performed by Jennifer Blood, Taifa Harris, Jessica Luck and Eric Clem

Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 3rd & 4th, 2017
2 SOLD OUT SHOWS at the Skirball's Inaugural Performance Lab
Directed by Deena Selenow, sound by Celia Hollander, movement by Jennie Liu, environment design by Shannon Scrofano, costumes by Lena Sands
Performed by Deana Barone, Cristina Fernandez, Jeanne Syquia and Ari Boyland
Free childcare provided during Saturday's performance

Bumps/Works, Women's Center for Creative Work, Los Angeles, CA
Jan 30th, 2017
An evening of performances by 6 pregnant LA-based artists, followed by a discussion about parenthood in the arts
Curated by myself and Deena Selenow
Featuring Steffinnie Phrommany, Rebecca Aranda, Deborah Rosen, Cristina Fernandez, Kanya Iwana and Deana Barone
Free childcare provided

In Real Life: Studio series at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
December 28, 29, Jan 5, 11, 2017
Public rehearsals with performers Cristina Fernandez, Deana Barone and Jeanne Syquia and workshops with collaborating artists
Presented through the In Real Life: Studio series, curated by January Parker Amos

Moskowitz Bayse, Los Angeles CA
April 3rd, 2016
Staged reading directed by Deena Selenow
Performed by Sarena Kennedy, Jennifer Neala Page and Sara Garcia
Free childcare provided

The Women's Center for Creative Work, Los Angeles CA
January 22nd, 2016
Staged reading directed by Deena Selenow
Performed by Emily Alpren, Sarena Kennedy and Jennifer Neala Page

Photos at PRELUDE 17 by Maria Baranova
Photos at the Skirball Cultural Center by Arianne Alizio and Amber La Rosa
Photos at Moskowitz Bayse by Adam Moskowitz