Woe is Me proposes that actors and doctors understand something profound about responding to continual drama. How do we have the fortitude to respond to crises, night after night? How do we stay present in an emergency? Peering behind the curtain, Woe is Me compares the theater and the hospital to explore our collective longing to heal and be healed. Practical and poetic techniques are demonstrated through miniature scenes, interviews and group vocal music, composed by Coleman Zurkowski.

August 17—29, 2018
The Public Theater, Weasel Festival
Produced by the Brooklyn College Theater Department
With scores by Coleman Zurkowski
With Ash Mayers, Jimmy Morgan, John Teresi, Nelson Orellana and Sara Brown
Directed by Emily Edwards
Lighting by Jon DeGaetano
Costumes by Jeannipher Pacheco
Set by Michael Redman

Photos by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff & Jorge Luna