How can we reflect on art in more human and collaborative terms? How can we support each other as artists using almost no resources?
NOT ALL THERE is an unconventional group show organized by Emily Mast at Human Resources in Los Angeles. The show focuses on US and international artists who use humor to explore serious political concerns. However, no artwork is present. Instead, all the works are represented by giant dark shapes and discussed in the form of a live guided tour led by performer Davie Blue and written by myself, critic Cassie da Costa, Emily and the artists.

You can be anywhere! 

Participating artists include: Anna Ayeroff, Amitis Motevalli, Arden Surdam, Claire Titelman, Emmy Bright, Eva Medin, Hazel Haendel, Kristina Wong, Marisa Williamson, mothertongues (Meital Yaniv & Kim Ye), Olivia Mole, Roxy Farhat& Zhala, Samantha Roth and Sarah Johnson. A recent write-up in LA magazine called the show "the least instagrammable exhibit in LA."

Jan 16-28, 2018

Guided Tours
Friday, January 26 at 8 PM
Saturday, January 27 at 4 PM
Sunday, January 28 at 2 PM

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles, CA

Human Resources
LA Magazine
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Photo by Max Flick