Shushescommissioned for Gallery 101 exhibition The Foley Artists’s Folly

The Birds: A Writer Learns from Therapeutic Theatre—Drama Therapy Review, 2018

A Hope for Masculinity—an essay imagining future masculinities included in Faith Popcorn's zine for "The Death of Masculinity and Its Impact on Creativity" at Cannes Lions, 2018

Alex Borinsky's Weird Classroomsa reflection on Alex Borinsky's ongoing educational and performance experiment for Culturebot, 2018

The Seed Eatersa performance diary for, 2017

3 Wolf Moon–a reflection on art that is about the environment, commissioned by the Theo Westenberger Estate, 2017

A Play for What I Need–an essay on the process behind my play The Bumps, 2017

Fear Desire Desire Fear—a reflection on a new performance by Emily Mast and Mikaal Sulaiman at PAM for Riting.La, 2016

Death and Doggie Hamlet—a reflection on Ann Carlson's "Doggie Hamlet" at the Vermont Performance Lab for Culturebot, 2016

A Play That is also Like a Short Story Collection—a reflection on Jess Barbagallo's "My Old Man" at Dixon Place for Culturebot, 2016

Belonging—commissioned by the Theo Westenberger Estate, 2016

The Pregnant Body on Stage—Co-written with Deena Selenow for HowlRound, 2016

The Pool I Love—an essay about home, commissioned by the Theo Westenberger Estate, 2015

When a Period Ends More Than a Sentence—an op-ed, co-written with Elizabeth Scharpf about global inequalities caused by menstruation for The Huffington Post, 2009