Choir For Many (And All At Once) is a means to take us out of our individual and collective isolation. The interdisciplinary work layers song, text and choreography to convey the emotions and life-experiences of an unlikely group of performer participants gathered together by a shared connection but who otherwise spend little time together. Choir might bring together residents of the same street that traverses many neighborhoods, people who live across opposite sides of the same highway, residents of a city who are new as of this year, or a diverse group of people who share a common first name. 

For our first iteration we're bringing together people in the same profession: healthcare. The work will build on the individual personal and professional identities of each performer to create an experience of being part of something larger than the self.


The performers represent a broad spectrum of those who take care of others, including hospice care workers, insurance billing agents, unpaid care-givers, hospital administrators, death doulas, doctors.

Choir For Many is an Artspace commissioned project for Wellbeing: City Wide Open Studios 2018

Performances will take place October 26-28, 2018
Alternative Space at Yale West Campus
Times TBA

Community partners include Connecticut Hospice

Conceived by choreographer Rachel Bernsen and myself, with musical direction by composers Adam Matlock and Taylor Ho Bynum.